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Programs That Work.

Proven Results

Our programs are based on a proven methodology that has been around since 1928. As a result, you’ll discover key issues in decision-making and problem solving. You’ll also enhance your team’s communication skills.

What’s the ROI?

If you want to save time, lower your turnover, increase sales and improve customer service these tools are what you may be looking for.

Companies using these tools with their teams have also experienced:

  • Greater team collaboration
  • Quicker problem solving and decision-making
  • Better communication, understanding and trust among their team members

 You and your team can have the same results.

With over  30 years of corporate world and the personal development field I’ve developed a formula that can quickly give you insight into why you do what you do. You’ll discover the same about others and how to read them to simplify your communications and get results. You’ll learn the steps to deal with difficult people, create satisfying relationships and discover how to appreciate others authentically.

“As a Master Trainer certified through Personality Insights, Dale understands and teaches the Model of Human Behavior to her clients. I have seen her in action doing presentations and she brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to a room full of people.”-Dr. Robert Rohm, Ph.D, President – Personality Insights, Inc.

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