For Business

If you want to improve face to face verbal communications, increase your ability to understand others and build strong relationships with clients, colleagues, bosses and employees, then this  program is for you.

Whether it’s a keynote or training session, Dale’s programs are bold, lively and practical. Her programs will help you improve your communications, teamwork and confidence.

Dale has more than 30 years of combined experience in the corporate world and the personal development field. Her experience gives her the expertise to offer practical daily solutions for better communication as well as relationships. Above all, you can use these tools immediately.

“As a Master Trainer certified through Personality Insights Dale understands and teaches the Model of Human Behaviour to her business clients. I have seen her in action, doing presentations and she brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to a room full of people.” – Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D, President – Personality Insights, Inc.

Organizational Benefits

  • Minimize loss of productivity
  • Boost morale
  • Maintain and repair workplace relationships
  • Deal with problem employees in new and helpful ways
  • Inject confidence in your staff
  • Make customers feel like partners

The Finish Line Formula™ PQ + LQ + EQ = SQ

(because to achieve any goal you need to cross the finish line)

Are you a business owner, team leader, or professional who wants it all? This program shows you how to do that.  Learn ways to communicate to connect and create strong business relationships or partnerships.  Save time and money with less conflict. You’ll understand your clients better, therefore you’ll boost sales. Be the boss people want to work for.  Design the team everyone wants to be on. Interact with purpose for results.

Relationships are easier when you have the right tools.  Our comprehensive program is fun, interactive and gives you everything you need for success.

These are the 3 components to our program – PQ, LQ, EQ

PQ – Personality Quotient

Discover your unique personality, communication and decision-making styles. You’ll gain a better understanding of why you do what you do, learn to read other people and communicate with them in their preferred approach. Therefore, you’ll experience fewer misunderstandings, limit unmet expectations and have less tension.

LQ – Leadership Quotient

Get the tools to easily and effectively motivate your team. Gain insight into your personal leadership style and adapt to any situation.  Each of your team members have internal and external motivators.  You need team cooperation. Therefore once you discover those motivators, you’ll have better cooperation. Understand how and why you connect and build relationships and your interactions will be easier.

EQ – Emotional Quotient

Put the final touch to your interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence. You make decisions every day. However, you need to understand the role your emotions play in those decisions to make them more effective.  You’ll walk away feeling confident, more relaxed and mentally prepared to handle any difficult situation.

Stand-alone Workshops

Can you hear me now?

For managers, employees, sales reps and team leaders. This workshop shows you how to prevent misunderstandings, create an atmosphere of trust and get more sales.

Listening is a skill. In this interactive session discover your listening style. Learn how to deal with the other types of listeners effectively and get tips on being a more effective listener can so you can be heard.

You will:

  • Learn about the 7 Types of Listeners
  • Discover your personal listening style
  • Learn how to work with each kind of listener
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers
  • Uncover some of the listening roadblocks and how to bypass them

Start now to get the most out of your listening skills.

5 Keys to Powerful Team Dynamics

For business owners, managers and leaders at all levels who want to build on personality differences and strengths and design a more cohesive team.

In this interactive session you focus on developing solid communication skills that you and your team can use right away. You’ll connect better with your team members. We enhance your learning  through different activities and challenges. Everyone leaves with a personal action plan they can  use immediately to boost you team spirit.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover each team member’s personality style, strengths and challenges
  • Understand, celebrate and utilize what each member brings to the table
  • Develop strategies to better connect with each other
  • Get Results:
    • enhance team morale and productivity
    • lower stress levels
    • limit misunderstandings

Let’s talk when you’re ready to elevate your team.

 I Appreciate You

For managers, team leaders, business owners and professionals seeking to generate a more positive work environment. Learn ways to improve your ability in showing true appreciation to your team members and colleagues.  Inspire your workplace to be more encouraging and productive.

Studies show that employee recognition is the key to keeping your best people. Managers may feel they are giving recognition but employees aren’t feeling valued. Be the person who keeps your best people. Identify the specific ways each  your team member wants to be appreciated.

In this workshop will:

  • Discover the easiest way to express appreciation to anyone
  • Learn how and when to show appreciation
  • Tap into each person’s preferred appreciation style

This workshop is based on the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace”

Connect with me to find out how this can benefit you.