the relationship you want

For Your Personal Relationships

Relationships – From Zero to Hero

Looking to upgrade your personal relationships?

Regain closeness, restore romance, reconnect with each other. If your desire is to have healthy, happy relationships, I’ll provide you with the tools to make that happen.

This interactive and fun program you’ll experience 3 modules. In module 1, each partner will complete a discovery report. Here you’ll gain  greater insight into your unique characteristics that affect how you communicate with each other, what makes you do what you do and how you make decisions together.

With module 2 you’ll gain clarity on your current values, understand how your emotions play a role in your relationships and discover which behaviours work for you and which ones no longer serve you.

Finally in module 3 together you’ll discover your primary and secondary love languages and how to use them to show appreciation to each other.

Once you start using these tools you’ll be amazed at how your relationships will transform. Create the relationship you want.

In this program you will:

  • Complete a discovery report on your personal style
  • Learn more about your communication style
  • Learn about your partner’s strengths and characteristics
  • Gain insight into the role your emotions play in decision-making
  • Understand what you and your partner each prioritize and why
  • Learn how to effectively use your primary love language

Reach out when you’re ready to re-charge, re-design and re-ignite your personal relationships.