Managers and Team Leaders

Learn a proven system to get everyone on your team speaking the same language once and for all so you’re not wasting your time managing their conflict.

Get better cooperation, less frustration, meet more deadlines.

What would you do if you had 6 free hours in your work week?
Did you know that 40% of a manager’s time is taken up in dealing with personality clashes in their team? What if you could change that and stop having to put out so many fires?

You know, I get it. In my work I had to deal with 5 different departments and it was often a nightmare  figuring out how to deal with all of the different personalities and get along.

You don’t have to go through the same thing.  I discovered a personality based program that helped me deal with all of that. I’ve seen my clients reduce team conflict, gain time back and have a happier work environment using a personality based system.

“Your DISC training was great. We, as a team, have grown. There is more trust, maturity and less push back.” – Amar Dhesi, Supervisor JAG:EX, BC Sheriff’s Office

I bet you’re thinking, “but, I’ve tried personality assessments and it didn’t solve the problem”. That’s because the assessment is only part of the puzzle. You have to know how to apply it. That’s what I show you how to do.

It’s why I use the DISC Advantage for Effective Workplace Partnerships.  With this program you get to discover the 4 basic personality styles, experience the learning with interactive activities as well how to implement the system with case studies. That’s the difference – the missing link.  See details below.

I’d love to work with you. See you in the program.

This is for you if:

You want to stop spending time dealing with personality clashes between team members and gain back those wasted hours.

How you’ll win:

  • Enhance communication within your team and between departments
  • Build on the natural strengths of others and use their natural abilities
  • Strengthen decision-making
  • Decode unique team dynamics and head off conflict
  • Develop a more cohesive and accountable team

Format:  A 3 part (virtual or live) series that will give you the tools to build a better team.

What you get:

  • Your personal profile assessment that details your strengths, communication style, decision-making style, insights for long-term growth, keys to excellence.
  • Each team member completes their own assessment.
  • Participant workbook you can continue to refer back to.
  • Case Studies so that you can practice what you’ve learned.
  • Follow-up coaching session to review the material and iron out any implementation issues.

Investment: $150.00/per person.

Trainings are held the third Wednesday of the mont.