My Story

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together – African Proverb

Hi, I’m Dale

Races are frustrating when everyone is running in different directions. So are organizations. During my 20 years in the corporate world, I worked with 5 different teams and saw the challenges of bringing people together to strive toward a shared goal. I realized that each one of us has a different personality and communication style, and a different set of behaviours for coping with conflict. Even with the best of intentions, efforts often get sidelined because we don’t hear one another and connect.

In the course of your career, you have likely felt the pain of this struggle. Success is within view but out of reach, across a wide chasm of miscommunication. Yet it’s closer than you may think, if you have the tools to understand yourself and those around you.

My own frustrations motivated me to seek solutions, to find better ways to connect with my teammates. When I became a Certified Master Trainer in Human Relationships with Personality Insights, I found the power to bridge the communication gap and work more effectively with my colleagues. In 2007, I began turning that know-how into a rewarding career. I want to share that power with you.

Our Marathon

At the age of 45, I decided to run a marathon. This seemed like a crazy idea to some people. But lacing up confirmed for me that we all are capable of great achievements when we work well together and in the same direction.

You might think that running a marathon is a solo sport. It’s not. An entire team runs the full 42.2 kilometres with you. Coaches, physiotherapists, supportive friends and family all play a role in getting your foot across the finish line.

I gained greater insights into teamwork when I trained a group of individuals who wanted to run a marathon before they turned 50. I already had 6 races under my belt, so I understood the high demands of running and the powerful possibilities of a well-functioning group. Recognizing that their personalities varied, I was able to coach each person specifically, with the entire team in mind.

Let’s Run Together

Today I’m a professional speaker and facilitator, the author of  Excuse Me, I’m Being Audacious, and a certified provider of EQi-2.0 and 360 emotional assessments. I work with large and small organizations and have the tools to help your team get along better and run as one. I have even helped couples reconnect and communicate better.

Connect with me when you want everyone on your team to run the same race and cross the finish line together.