My Story

This really captures who I am.

Just Winging It

It takes focus, determination and courage to run marathons and I’ve done a dozen of them. That was easy for me, but when it came to relationships, like many of you, I was winging it. During my corporate years some people were easier to get along with than others. That affected how people saw me. My boss actually told me that during one of my performance reviews.  I’ve experienced how challenging it can be working with different personalities. I struggled for many years, but was determined to find a better way to connect rather than just get along.

My Why

With the same focus, determination and courage I used to run marathons, I learned everything I could about different personality styles so that I could work more effectively with different people. I discovered how emotions play a role in the way we develop and build relationships . When I applied the practical tools I found, it changed how I connected with others. It changed my life. My world is less challenging and less stressful. It also has a positive impact in my marriage. I knew had to teach others how to transform their world. This is my WHY.


I’ve had more than 30 years in the corporate world, the personal development field and  personal experience. You can get the same results I did, to make your life easier and create the kinds of relationships you deserve in both your business and personal life. When working with my clients, I bring along my marathon qualities in everything I do along with some fun.

Training background:
  • Certified facilitator with Dale Carnegie International
  • Leadership instructor with ILAC International College in Vancouver  Certified Master Trainer with Personality Insights in Atlanta, GA
  • Certification coach with The Emotional Intelligence Training Company out of Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC.

Relationships aren’t rocket science but they can feel like it. I offer practical, simple, daily tools and information that you can use in your life immediately, whether it’s business or personal.

Born and raised in Montreal my husband and I moved to Langley, BC and now call the Okanagan our home. We enjoy running along the lake, golfing and everything the Okanagan offers. After 47 years we’re still in love.