My Story

Hi, I’m Dale

During my 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry I worked with 5 different teams. Working with that many people can be frustrating. I know because I was often frustrated with my co-workers. Everyone had a different personality, different behaviours and communication styles. Maybe you get frustrated too. I discovered something that gave me the power to work better with my colleagues. You can have that power too.

My Story

When I turned 45 I got the crazy idea to run a marathon. Really Dale? Absolutely yes.

You might think that running a marathon is a solo sport. It’s not. It really does take a team to go the 42.2 kilometres. Supporters, coaches and physiotherapists were part of my team. We all had to get along and work together or it wasn’t going to work for me.

Marathons are like business. It takes a team to get things done. They all have to get along to make that happen. Your team is your support.

I learned the most about teamwork when I trained a running group. They wanted to run a marathon before they turned 50. I already had 6 races under my belt so I had the experience. Everyone had different personalities. Because I became a certified trainer in human behaviour, I was able to coach each person they way needed to be coached to reach their goal.

It absolutely worked! They all completed their first marathon before their 50th birthday.

I’m sharing this

  • Because marathons are challenging and so is managing a team.
  • Because the better your team works together, the better your results
  • Because I want you and your team to cross the finish line together

My Experience

  • Over 20 years in the corporate and professional development worlds
  • Certified Master Trainer in Human Relationships with Personality Insights
  • Certified provider of EQi-2.0 and 360 emotional intelligence assessments
  • Professional speaker and facilitator
  • Author of “Excuse Me, I’m Being Audacious

Oh yes, and 12 marathons under my belt.

Connect with me when you want everyone on your team “running the same race” and get “stuff” done.