happy, healthy relationships

Personal Relationships

Reconnect, recapture, reignite.

You want to reconnect with your spouse/partner but not sure how? You can reignite the flame that brought you together. Working together, I’ll show you how to identify how each of you is “wired” and why it’s important.  You’ll learn how and why you each establish priorities so you can make decisions with less conflict. Together you’ll uncover the areas where you complete each other and where you compete with each other. You’ll not only communicate more effectively but you’ll get closer. You can recapture the magic you once had.

I am associated with Dr. Robert Rohm of Personality Insights and a Certified Master Trainer in Human Relationships. I’ll guide you on the path to building true partnerships in a fun and engaging way.  You’ll get closer to each other, feel more appreciated and loved.

Connect with me when you’re ready to:

  • Have healthy, happy relationships
  • Communicate by design instead of default
  • Understand where you complete and where you compete with each other
  • Move from alienation to appreciation
  • Take your relationships from zero to hero