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The Finish Line Formula™ PQ + LQ + EQ = SQ

(because to achieve any goal you need to cross the finish line)

When you want to  improve face to face verbal communications and build strong relationships with clients, colleagues, bosses and employees.

  • Discover your unique personality, communication and decision-making styles
  • Gain insight into how to easily and effectively motivate your team
  • Learn how to adapt to any situation
  • Explore how emotions play a role in decision-making and problem solving
  • Learn a better way to manage difficult conversations.

“As a Master Trainer certified through Personality Insights Dale understands and teaches the Model of Human Behaviour to her business clients. I have seen her in action, doing presentations and she brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to a room full of people.” – Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D, President – Personality Insights, Inc.

Stand-alone Workshops

Can you hear me now?

For managers, employees, sales reps and team leaders. This workshop shows you how to prevent misunderstandings, create an atmosphere of trust and get more sales.

  •  Discover your personal listening style.
  •  Learn how to deal with the other types of listeners
  •  Learn how to work with each kind of listener
  •  Gain a better understanding of your customers

5 Keys to Powerful Team Dynamics

For business owners, managers and leaders at all levels who want to build on personality differences and strengths and design a more cohesive team.

  • Develop solid communication skills
  • Connect better with your team members
  • Enhance team morale and productivity
  • Limit misunderstandings
  • Lower stress levels

Let’s talk when you’re ready to elevate your team.

 I Appreciate You

For managers, team leaders, business owners and professionals seeking to generate a more positive work environment. Learn ways to improve your ability in showing true appreciation to your team members and colleagues.  Inspire your workplace to be more encouraging and productive.

  • Discover how to express appreciation to anyone
  • Learn how and when to show appreciation
  • Tap into each person’s preferred appreciation style

This workshop is based on the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace”

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