What You Can Expect

What can you expect? Results. What you learn works. Some of these techniques have been around since 1928 and still work today.  I focus on the positive instead of the negative.


You and your team will discover the information. You’ll begin to define and understand your key issues in decision-making. You’ll enhance and develop your communication style. As well, you’ll learn to appreciate the different perspectives of your team members.

You will experience the information through personal experience and interaction. We use examples to illustrate different perspectives that can influence reactions to situations.

You’ll apply the information through different activities and case studies.

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • We focus on strengths, not weaknesses
  • You’ll be an active participant
  • Your team will find it entertaining and encouraging
  • I always includes a 3-month follow up with you

Connect with me when you want to:

  • Build teams that everyone wants to be on
  • Save time & money by hiring right to first time
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Reduce turnover